Automatic Login in iOS 6

With the update from iOS5 to iOS6 Apple changed the Captive Network Support, so that the option automatic Login in the WLAN / Wifi options is no longer available. After the Update to iOS6 it was impossible for me to login to my company WLAN / Wifi Access Point using my iPhone. To get a workaround to this problem I wrote the App “Wlan Aid”. It uses the Captive Network Programming Interface. The only thing a User has to do is to put in the SSID of the WLAN he wants to join. Than the app calls the Function CNSetSupportedSSID with this SSID as input parameter. With this function my app registers the SSID with Captive Network Support, thereby assuming responsibility for authenticating with this network. And that’s it. After my application has registered the SSID the web sheet of Captive Network Support is suppressed, and the user can complete the authentication in Safari. In Safari it is possible to accept any unauthorized certificate and so on.